Educating the Church About the Reformation Myth

Welcome to TANC Publishing. This ministry seeks to inform Christians in regard to the truth about the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation gospel is progressive justification, and therefore false. It also laid a foundation for weak discipleship that has plagued the Western church for hundreds of years. In addition, it laid a foundation of spiritual tyranny that has peaked in our day. Our publications focus on the spiritual roots, doctrine, history, and character of the Reformation. We believe that the key to revival in the American church is a wholesale rejection of Reformation theology and a return to exegetical interpretation of the Scriptures.

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Because only truth sanctifies (John 17:17),

Paul M. Dohse Sr.

TANC Mission Statement

Truth About New Calvinism Publishing seeks to educate Christians about the doctrine, history, and character of the Protestant Reformation. Our beginning works can be observed at After six years of intensive study focused on the Protestant Reformation, we are convinced that it was founded on the false gospel of progressive justification. Furthermore, we believe the doctrine’s formulation was the result of ancient caste philosophies. Primarily, in its least common denominator regarding religion, God’s message to mankind is hierarchical according to supposed preordained giftedness.

Godly leadership and its necessity notwithstanding, the result of any kind of caste system is strangulation of potential, purpose, compassion, fairness, and ultimately results in tyranny. And moreover, from a Christian perspective, progressive justification is completely unacceptable. It is the contention of this ministry that revival must be part and parcel with the complete eradication of every semblance of Reformed orthodoxy. The nourishment of the pure milk of the word is hindered to the same degree that it is tainted with any element of progressive justification. And a little leaven eventually leavens the whole lump. Only truth sanctifies (John 17:17). Christians must return to the importance of every contribution to the body and the priesthood of believers embodied in faithful Bereans. We must pursue aggressive sanctification and the making of disciples, not “saved” mystics.

In addition, facts propagated by the Reformation complicit in theological felonies should not lend any credibility. Truth will have its own ample supply of facts and doesn’t need to borrow from others. Faithful Bereans will find that the Bible contains its own hermeneutics; Reformed eisegesis must be thoroughly rejected.

Reformed theology in its original form always culminates in ecumenical tyranny. Unfortunately, when it dies a social death accordingly, the remnant breeds a weak form of sanctification that once again paves a road for a return to the original. Nonexistent or weak synergistic sanctification is the product of the Reformation, and then the Reformation offers a solution to the conditions it created in the first place. The “cure” ends up being the full expression of the original disease.

The remnant of its social deaths always bear the Reformed elements that keep Christians weak: an overemphasis on formal public preaching by academics, devaluing of the priesthood of believers, overemphasis on the gospel of first importance to the neglect of the full counsel of God, and living by biblical generalities. This is why the American church continually fluctuates between tyranny and weak sanctification—it’s a vicious cycle. We also believe that movements in the past that have sought to reverse this cycle have been viciously attacked and defeated.

TANC Publishing is a movement that needs your help, and education is the key. The TANC Fellowship Committee meets quarterly and is a group of Christians committed to keeping this information and research available for future generations. If you would be interested in contributing to this cause, contact us at

Paul M. Dohse,